The 12.5% shareholding relates to a week every 2nd month or 6.5 weeks per year. Including the use of  a Landrover Game viewer and all operating costs is shared according to the shareholding. The house was built in +/- 2006 and until now all shareholders is enjoying it and working together well. House 280  squares, wooden deck 75 squares, braai 36 squares and 270 squares paving.  Market value of 12.5 % share is R 480 000.


Marulani Game Farm is situated in the Waterberg Mountains, approximately 10 kms northwest of Bella Bella (previously known as Warmbaths). 
This bush-lovers paradise hosts to a wide variety of birdlife, giraffe and small antelope. Of the Big Five, only the leopard is represented at Marulani. The decision to exclude other large game was because shareholders wanted to be able to jog, cycle and walk around the farm in safety.

The tranquility of the environment is preserved in that Marulani is one of the least dense developments in the area with only 50 sites allocated with 40 homes built on the 1000 hectare farm.

Shareholders have access to the entire farm with their shares entitling them to use and occupy a specific property. The share block is financially sound and the reports are available on request. The farm is managed by a board of directors, a farm manager and several employees. Top notch security protocols are employed at all times. There are no transfer duties payable. 

As for other activities, there are several nearby premier golf courses including the renowned Elements Golf Club just 14kms from Bela Bela & Marulan's gate. The mineral baths at Bela Bela are also popular with shareholders. Some have also opted to become members of the Warmbad Boat Club.

SHARE PRICE: 12.5% = 6.5 weeks per year

R480 000 (include agent’s commissions etc)


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Other ownership options also available at Marulani Game farm


The purchaser physically acquires a percentage (%) shareholding in a private company that onws the property.  Your receive a share certificate and the ownership form allows you the use of the property on a certain number of allocated weeks depending on the percentage of shares you have purchased.  This fractional ownership opportunity provides for 3 - 13 shareholders in the relevant property. Example - 13 shareholders: 1/13 share will equate to a 4 week usage per shareholder per annum on a rotational basis.

The property will be managed by the Seller, who has the infrastructure and expertise to manage all the related aspects of the syndication, should the shareholders so wish. 

The Seller has developed various utilisation rosters for an array of properties.  Preferred usage is different for every resort and area and rosters are developed for the maximum utilisation of the owners.  A specific roster is designed for each property before the efective date of the syndication.  In most of the roster systems the usage weeks are rotated on an annual basis.  This means that if "shareholder 1" uses the property for the first week in December, next year he will use the second week and week three the year after that.  Therefore all the shares have the same value and all shareholders will have equal opportunity to use the property in peak periods.  The Seller originally sets up the roster for a period of at least 10 years.  Every shareholder thus knows exactly what periods he will have usage.  Again this is at the shareholder's discretion should they want to change the roster in future.  Weeks can also be swapped on an individual basis.

The monthly levy varies from one leisure estate to the next and also according to the size of the residence which will include estate levies, maintenance, cleaning, gas, electricity, water, sewerage, property taxes, DSTV, insurance, bookkeeping, audits, etc.


  • Any increase in the value of the property accrues to the shareholders.  This is the major differentiating factor between fractional ownership and timeshare.
  • Fractional ownership is better value for money - you only pay for your utilisation and not for the remainder of the year.
  • Fractional ownership is affordable ownership in any number of exclusive destinations.
  • The most exclusive addresses in South Africa normally increase in value faster than other residential properties would.
  • Providing all of the relevant property shareholders agree, sub-letting of the member's weeks can be accommodated.
  • Shared costs mean lower maintenance costs per shareholder.
  • Higher occupancy, together with advanced Estate security 

    systems mean that you have less concerns about your property's security.